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FIVE | Exodus: God our Deliverer | 3.26.17

Dear parents,

We’re continuing our series (FIVE) on the Pentateuch to help teenagers explore the first five books of the Bible. In the second lesson, we discussed Exodus 2:23-25. God’s people—the Israelites—had spent generation after generation in Egyptian captivity, wondering if God heard their cries for help. Teenagers sometimes wonder the same thing, so they need to hear that God is our faithful deliverer.

Our conversation focused on helping young people understand that God offers the gift of forgiveness through Jesus. As our deliverer, Jesus can free us from bad habits, temptations, and hurts.

Please try to find an opportunity this week to talk with your teenager about our lesson. Here are some questions that can fuel the discussion:

  • When have you found it difficult to keep praying because God seemed silent?
  • When have you felt encouraged by another person’s story of answered prayer?
  • Where do you want or need Jesus to act, even though you don’t see any evidence that he’s currently at work?

Thanks for praying for our ministry. Please let us know how we can be praying for your family, too. Have an awesome week!

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Wednesday, 09 October 2013 15:03

ENCOUNTER: ECHO - Exodus 10.11.13


THE STORY: Generations after God's PROMISE to Abraham, his descendants have become known as the Israelites. As famine swept through the Promised Land, God's people were forced to move to Egypt. The Egyptians were welcoming, but the threat of a growing Israelite population led the Pharoah to enslave Egypt's new residents. Hundreds of years later, a baby is born. His name is Moses, and with his birth, God has set the stage for the EXODUS.

WHEN: Friday, October 11th @ 7:30PM - 9:30PM

WHERE: BCEFC, 988 Delta Dr. Lafayette, CO 80026

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