Thursday, 27 April 2017 16:40

ONE Ministries Reading Sponsorship Program

This year, our students have the opportunity to raise funds for our summer mission trip in a brand new way!

The ONE Ministries Reading Sponsorship Program is an opportunity for the students of BCEFC to raise funds for their upcoming mission trip, as well as engage with thoughtful Christian literature. It is our hope that through this program, students discover new authors and subjects of interest, as well as establish meaningful relationships with members of our Chinese congregation.


  1. Decide how many books you're going to commit to reading (maximum 5 books) and let Kyle know ASAP
  2. Pick a book off of THIS LIST, and start reading! You will recieve $10 towards your trip for each book you read
  3. Once your done with your book, fill out this GROWTH INVENTORY and turn it into Kyle at church
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you've read all the books you're committed to
  5. All GROWTH INVENTORIES must be turned in by JUNE 25TH to be applied to your trip

NOTE: The number of books you decide on now will be applied to your final trip cost (due May 14th). If you fail to reach your goal, you will simply owe that money back after the trip.


  1. Sign up to be a sponsor at church this Sunday (4/30)
  2. If you did not specify a student to sponsor, you will be sent an email to introduce you to your student
  3. Each time your student turns in a GROWTH INVENTORY, you will be emailed a copy
  4. You will be notified when your student has completed all of their books, and at that point, you can bring cash or a check ($10 per book) to BCEFC - please make checks out to BCEFC

NOTE: The money will go a long way in helping your student raise funds for this trip, but please consider this as more than a monetary investment. You are investing in the spiritual growth of a student, through study and service. Read the inventories that your student has filled out. Spend time praying for their reading and their trip. If you commit to those things, much more will be gained - both by the student and by you, the sponsor.


  • READING LIST - make sure to ask Kyle before you head to the library, he may have a copy of the book you're looking for!
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Tuesday, 30 December 2014 10:22

5X5X5 Bible Reading Plan | 2015

This year we are challenging our youth to read through the entire New Testament TOGETHER. This Discipleship Journal plan challenges us to read 5 minutes a day (one chapter), 5 days a week, and offers "5 ways to dig deeper".

Check out the entire year's plan HERE.

Let's do this together! We are ONE.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011 10:26

Darkness Falls: A Good Friday Devotion

Darkness falls over the Earth on Good Friday. God's own Son goes to his death to save us from the darkness in our hearts. While he is walking out this terrifying mission, his followers seem to do everything they can to show how little we humans deserve the favor.

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