Kyle Murphy
Youth Director / Disciple / Servant / Husband
God called me into youth ministry while I was in Texas shooting for a BA in Radio/Television/Film. I was supposed to be a film director, not a youth director. It’s only by God’s grace and power that this quiet, introverted sinner is able to stand up and speak on behalf of God. God’s grace is made evident to me every day through my wife, Erica, whom I most certainly do not deserve. My heart is burdened by this generation of youth, and so my desire is to bring glory to the name of God by developing followers of Christ who carry their faith with them daily, consistently, and contagiously. A disciple is not judged by his church attendance, but by the strength of his personal walk with Jesus.
John Chen
Youth Leader / Mentor / Mentee / Witness to the "Least of These"
This once-timid engineer grew up in southern Idaho among people who were anything but, and was given a passion for learning that sparked a curiosity about the world early on. While in college I discovered the stark contrast of wealth in today's world, and felt called to those dwelling at the lowest rungs of the human condition. Knowing the extent of this divergence pushes me to live simply, 'so others can simply live' and today I seek to live out my passion and curiosity for the world, and mentor and inspire others to do the same, just as I was. When Im not working with youth or breaking things I ride motorcycles, fall off mountains and make fun of Hondas. Also, churros. Churros are delicious.
Yulong Yang
Youth Leader / AV Director / Disciple / BCEFC Tech Geek
Even though I came to God very early in my life, I never had this understanding, desire and passion about God until the end of my high school days. It was then when I fully realized the amazing love and grace of God. As I feel deeper and deeper in love with Jesus, I felt more of a pushing to dedicate my time and talents for the church eventually leading up to being a Youth Leader. Who was once a shy, geeky, and nerdy boy can truly be transfored into a leader with God's power. Outside of working with the church, I enjoy playing and tinkering with computers... and more computers... and I think more computers. I'm a nerd and a geek, but I'm a nerd and a geek for God!
Katie Chen
Youth Leader / Servant / Sister / BCEFC Energizer Bunny
I was born into a Christian family and went to church ever since I could remember. Though baptized at ten years old, I never really understood the love and grace of God until recent years. Like a typical teenager, I went through my semi-rebellious Asian teenage years. Luckily, God never gave up on me. He provided me with parents who truly love and fear God and amazing friends to herd me away from danger and to keep me close to Him. Though I’m still weak, I know that God will use me and my passions for the bigger picture that He’s painting. Hopefully, that includes my obsession with Doraemon and sour candies as well as my random bursts of energy likely accompanied by animal-like noises.
Amy Nguyen
Youth Leader / Servent / Musician
First being born into Catholicism, I didn't really have a passion to learn or hear about God. At the age of 13, I then became Atheist and I walked my life without God till 15. After meeting girls from BCBC, I started to realize how empty my life was without God and how much I wanted to grow in Him and eventually I became a member of BCEFC. After 3 years of just growing and loving God, I realized I wanted to help others just grow and love God as well. Even though I'm still young, I really loved to just help anyone and everyone grow in God.